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Juliu River巨流河

Juliu River (巨流河) is an excellent book of which the background was when old China was invaded by Japanese about 70 years ago. If you don’t read the book, possibly you can’t imagine how miserable the old Chinese people were. Numerous Chinese people lost their home and fled in a panic. Many Chinese people had to keep running away and running away to escape from Japanese army and tried to survive in the troubled times difficultly. They got away from the northeast of china, then fled to the south and then to the west. The nation nearly clasped into dust and a lot of families lost their relatives. Young students had to leave the school to join the army and to shoulder the responsibilities to protect our country. Furthermore,  millions of Chinese people were killed by Japanese army. It is definitely a bloody history and should be remembered by every Chinese people forever. However, though we can’t forget the violence that Japan used to do on us, it also makes us treasure the valuable peace today.

Below is one of my favorite paragraphs:


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Chinese media and Japan

I really don’t like the ways that Chinese media report the issues between Japan and China. Although Japan isn’t my favorite county, I don’t support the activities that Chinese TV and newspapers are accustomed to uglify and dwarf Japan and Japanese people as well. What worries me most is the popularity of the so-called anti-Japanese-god dramas filled with the TV screens of Chinese people these years. In my opinion, even the enemy should be given proper respect. If the Chinese media advocated the inappropriate information to Chinese people continuously, it would be nothing but definitely be misguiding the whole Chinese people. There are numerous bloody lessons in Chinese history. In late Qing Dynasty, the government intendedly instigated the innocent masses, who were called Boxers, to fight bare-handedly with the powerful foreigners armed with guns and cannons, and to protect the corrupted emperor. Unfortunately and undoubtedly, it is well-known that many Boxers were killed sinlessly. Several years ago, when Japanese government declared to nationalize the Diaoyu Island, it is also well-known that a lot of Japanese brand cars owned by Chinese people were destroyed by another group of Chinese, just in the name of anti-Japanese.

I have to ask a question - when we Chinese people are able to stop psychosexuality. If Japan was as weak as what was portrayed by the Chinese media and TV series, why we even had to spend eight years to beat back the Japanese invasion 75 years ago, and at this moment why we still allow the Japanese flag to wave on the center of Diaoyu Island which belongs to China. We Chinese people should keep calmly and rationally so that we can cope with the future threat of Japan effectively. I believe probably the Qing media were as swaggering as that of today before the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895.


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Leon: I really don't recommend everyone to copy these great guys and simply follow this so called successful experience because for average people you should take care of your health, maintain warm atmosphere in your family and support your family as well.  

As the old saying goes, "no pains, no gains". However, it is not necessary that every effort will get paid off. There are so many elements that contribute to a huge success, like grasping a good opportunity, meeting an important guy coincidentally who is very powerful, having an excellent team or being a rich second generation etc. Just working hard may never make you success. Apart from working hard, you need to work cleverly, meet new people to create your own social networks and share ideas with other people to generate creativity. In my opinion, just working hard and working blindly probably could hardly ever lead you to any success. Do not to be misguided easily by this type of article. I mean, these successful business men could make a lot of efforts, more than just on physical side. So diligence is necessary but not enough.

Anyway, different people harbor different concepts about how to define success. In recent decades the most widespread idea about success in China is to make as much money as possible. As almost everyone has seen, the wrong idea has led incredibly horrible influence among Chinese people.


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The topic of today's English class was about EMERGENCY. My teacher shared an astonishing experience happened to her just last week. When she went back home and walked in the lobby of the apartment at midnight, a man suddenly appeared, grabbed her neck from behind and hit her head towards the wall. Then he tried to rape her. But this time the criminal selected the wrong target because my teacher was very strong and tall. Obviously he underestimated the power and determination of my teacher as well. Soon my teacher started shouting for help and beating back. As the guy had a guilty conscience and feared to be caught by the police, he couldn’t defend the attack from my teacher. Finally the criminal robbed her IPhone and ran away quickly.

I asked my teacher if she called the police later, she told me she didn’t, just because it was very dark in the lobby so she couldn’t see the criminal’s face clearly and there was no monitoring camera in the lobby either. However, the main reason was she couldn’t speak Chinese well. Fortunately the bad guy didn’t carry any weapons such as a knife, gun or something, otherwise it would be very hazardous.


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1.电影艺术 定义:视觉、听觉、审美需求的艺术形态



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