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Winning a Lottery

Jack won a big lottery prize of $10 million 3 years ago. He had imagined various scenarios to make a huge fortune, but winning a lottery was ranked the last in his fantasies. This was truly lady luck paid a visit. He still remembered the moment when he got the good news. He was repairing a luxury car for his customer in a 4S store. At first, he was too shocked to grasp his wrench, but then he started smiling like a fool to his colleagues.

He and his wife decided to say good riddance to their past boring life style in a flash. They both quit their jobs the next day. Then, they made a very long to-do list: Buying a luxury apartment, shopping every day, traveling around the world, having plastic surgeries, etc. It seemed that they would be in a whirlwind of activity in the following years.


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