Winning a Lottery

Jack won a big lottery prize of $10 million 3 years ago. He had imagined various scenarios to make a huge fortune, but winning a lottery was ranked the last in his fantasies. This was truly lady luck paid a visit. He still remembered the moment when he got the good news. He was repairing a luxury car for his customer in a 4S store. At first, he was too shocked to grasp his wrench, but then he started smiling like a fool to his colleagues.

He and his wife decided to say good riddance to their past boring life style in a flash. They both quit their jobs the next day. Then, they made a very long to-do list: Buying a luxury apartment, shopping every day, traveling around the world, having plastic surgeries, etc. It seemed that they would be in a whirlwind of activity in the following years.

Sometimes, they flew to Paris on a whim just to feed pigeons on a little square. Occasionally, they found in a dilemma about where to go for shopping. Should it be Tokyo, San Francisco, or Beijing? They also spent a bundle to go to concerts in almost every corner of the world.

They once thought as if the money was endless in their bank accounts. But soon after two years of spending money like water, they found the remaining balance was only $2 million. They were craving much more money and started gambling in the nearest casino to their home from the third year.

One day, they played slot machines as usual in the casino. Again, lady luck paid a visit this time. They even won $500 thousand in only two hours. They grinned from ear to ear. This big win went to their heads so they finally decided to bet all their money in order to win more. It was no wonder they quickly lost all their money like other gamblers in the evening.

They started shouting angrily at everyone in the hall:" Oh, no, we by no means blew our fortunes! God, it’s unfair. We will win, and will get rich again!"

“Jack, what are you doing? Jack."
Suddenly, Jack wakes up from his daydream and he finds his wife standing beside him and shaking his shoulders just now.
“Stop daydreaming and act immediately, which is the key to making a fortune." His wife mutters to him.
“Wow, it actually boils down to being a dream. What a horrible dream!" Jack puts down a book and thinks.

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