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Summary of the story of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria South Africa. He has two brothers. His father was so abusive that Musk’s childhood was full of violence and unhappiness. His mother found he was very smart and let him go to school a year early. Later he became crazy about computer games when he was 10. He then taught himself how to code and even sold a game software made by him to a PC magazine for $500 when he was only 12.
At the age of 17, Elon Musk moved from his hometown to the US to attend Pennsylvania University, graduating with dual bachelor's degrees in Economics and Physics at the age of 26. In 1995, he moved again to Silicon Valley to study energy storage technology at Stanford for a Ph.D. degree. Soon, he found the Internet industry would have huge business potential in the future, though most people thought the Internet was a fad and far away from monetization early in 1995. He then dropped out of school and started a new company, called ZIP2, with his brother.
Meanwhile, starting a business was not as easy as he previously thought. He didn’t have any money except for $100,000 worth of student debt, and he had to both work and live in a little office. Quickly he grasped a business opportunity that helped media companies convert their paper and print content into digital content. ZIP2 grew gradually and struck deals with some big clients, such as New York Times. 3.5 years later, Compaq acquired ZIP2 for $30.5 million, of which $22 million went to Musk. Suddenly, he became a multi-millionaire from a broke due.
Musk’s next goal was to transform the traditional banking industry, so he started a new company X.com, which was merged with another company and renamed as world-famous Paypal. The main feature of Paypal was that customers were able to email money to others rather than dealing with everything in cash. Because a payee would have to sign up for Paypal and automatically be recruited into the system. The more people using Paypal, the faster it would grow. With this smart way to grow exponentially, Paypal acquired a million customers in only a year. However, in October 2000, one and a half years after creating the company, Musk was unfortunately fired as CEO of Paypal. Later in 2002, EBAY purchased Paypal for $1.5 billion with Musk receiving $165 million.
As Musk became more supplicated in business, he kept thinking critically and beneficial things which would change the course of humanity. He came back to his dream of building electric cars, which was his field of study for his Ph.D. degree. In 2004, he invested $6.5 million in Tesla, a startup founded by other two persons, and became the chairman of the company. Between 2004 and 2008, Musk and his team worked relentlessly on producing their first car, the Tesla Roadster. And the car was released to the market in 2008.


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