Interviewing -Suggestions to younger people

How old are you?
Can you describe to be what it feels like to be 44?
It feels pretty amazing. I’m not gonna lie.
What are your 20s supposed to be about?
Going all in, taking risks, meeting all the people, doing all the things. People are so scared like initiating conversations. It’s like text first. and it’s like going the dating app first. and who’s gonna initiate. And everyone’s so scared of rejection. I get it, but nobody really says what they think. at some point, you just have to take a risk and put yourself out there. And I think it’s just a general cultural generational thing.

How old are you?
Can you describe to be what it feels like to be 54?
Feels pretty good. Mentally it feels better. Mentally I feel like I understand more. Physically, I don’t know. My knee hurts from time to time.
What are your 20s supposed to be about?
I think enjoying the age you’re at and the stage you are at. Knowing that you’re as young as you’ll ever be, and older than you’ve ever been. And just not looking ahead, not looking back, but just like what you got going on right now and take advantage of that.

I am 57. It’s incredibly liberating. I’ll be honest. You no longer care about what others think as much as you did at younger age.
If you talk to someone younger, what would you tell them to look forward to, or what they should look forward?
I would tell them to keep in mind that the days are long, but the years are short.

How old are you?
What does it feel like to be 67?
Fantastic because I’m still standing.
Is there something that we prioritize a lot when we’re younger, but that as we get older, we realize it’s not important?
We worry about what everybody else thinks of us and what we look like. It’s rubbish. Our cosmetics and hair, and our face and our clothes… You guys don’t have to worry about it so much, but we women were encouraged to spend a lot of money on it. it’s a waste of time, waste of energy and waste of life.
So, what is life about in your opinion?
Doing the best that you can and being as kind as you can.
You could give any lesson to someone younger than you, what would you say?
Probably trying to do the best thing you can by yourself. And then when you know and love yourself, you can actually give a little more to other people.

How old are you?
I’m 72.
If you could give any piece of advice to someone younger than you, what would you tell them?
You don’t know it all. For sure you don’t know it all. So, don’t think you do. Keep on learning. Learn from somebody every day. Don’t take out more than you put in.

How old are you?
I’m 74.
What’s the biggest life lesson that you continue to teach your children?
To have a sense of humor. Not to take things so seriously.
What is something that we tend to prioritize a lot when we’re younger, but then as we get older, we realize actually isn’t that important?
Material wealth, like new cars, big houses, fancy clothes, you know, those things come and go.
What’s important instead?
Well, what’s important is, really, it’s your health. If you don’t have a good health, you are not going to enjoy life.

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